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Translation Transfer

Translation Transfer has been one of the competitive growing language service agencies with high-quality translators who are expert in various language service fields and strive to put more effort in providing the top quality in our translation. With the support of sufficient knowledge of the target and source language and state-of-the-art technology, our translators could provide you plenty of services such as Transcription, Localization, Interpreting, Subtitling, Transcreation, Proofreading & Editing, and also Document Translation. Translation Transfer emphasizes its commitment in prioritizing qualified productivity and punctuality while awarding you our proven translation results.

We will serve you with our 24/7 hotline support and ready to top your marketing language problem off. Our dedicated workflow process ensures that every project runs conscientiously, from the start to finish. However, with the increasing of the language interest, the demand for high-quality service is needed. Therefore, the founder formed a committed team of linguist sustaining competence, conversant, and conscientious values to perform the best of our translation services.

On August 29th, 2018, Translation Transfer was founded by Zakkyl Fikri Pratama as the CEO and Founder. As the leading language service agency worldwide, we are focusing on maintaining an intern aspect, including our translators and other stakeholders, on being compact and solid. To prove our achievement, we have been cooperating with some great B2B clients all over the world as the language service provider. We, as the new language service provider, will grow and intensify our quality in line with the project difficulty we face. On October 31st, 2018, we firstly achieved our milestone of completing 177,498 words assisting our B2B clients well-handled by our three in-house translators. Since then, we’ve been growing fast. We now have 15 translators who are agile and always committed to serve every clients’ needs satisfactorily. Today, with the increasing number of resources, we can handle a large volume of projects with the amount of 13,000 daily output. Truly, for the first time, we limit our services on software and hardware proficiency. Yet, today, we can manage projects on various fields of specialty including education/pedagogy, linguistics, Internet, e-commerce, tourism & travel, marketing/market research, advertising/public relation, insurance, electronics, games/video games/gaming, law (general).

Translation Transfer aspires to be the leading Translation and Localization Company by connecting the world's languages and cultures through appropriate technology integration.

  • Provide language after-sales service with a high level of quality assurance
  • Continuously innovating services and technology with a focus on customer satisfaction
  • Actively engaged in establishing global connections through effective communication

We are accountable for what we promise. It's in our nature to be dependable and trustworthy.
Wemaintain a solid commitment tomutual respect among partners, customers, and other stakeholders to foster a harmonious working relationship.
We preserve trust as a necessity. We prioritize customer satisfaction to build long-term partnerships.
Integrity to Innovation
Innovation is a passion that we all share. We will constantly innovate to drive change with the utmost integrity.
We value time and harmonious relationships with all stakeholders. Through technology integration, we promise to provide the highest quality while also providing the most efficient convenience

Our Founder

zakkil fikri pratama

ceo & founder

As CEO and founder, Zakkyl Fikri Pratama has a vital role in managing and driving the company from the start-up level up to the global achievement. In running the company, our vision, mission, and values have become the guiding factor embedded in each of our colleagues.

With the substantial experience of almost eight years, Zakkyl has successfully implemented the advantage of language in Translation Transfer. More than 90% of our clients stated that they are willing to collaborate again with us.

“Translation Transfer, with its tagline (rendering the language conscientiously), hopes languages all over the world can accentuate its cultural spirit optimally in delivering every clients’ goals, obtaining high comprehension from the audiences, and bridging both producers and consumers.”

We are professional & experienced language service agency