Grow with us

Why do you join our team?

We are a growing language service agency which firmly concerns on building a reliable freelance team to achieve our esteemed vision and mission. We strive to put all our efforts to breach the boundaries of communication through translation and bridge the values between the producer and consumer.

  • • Cooperative. We integrate the cooperative partnership between our internal in-house translators and our external freelancers.
  • • Accelerate. We promisingly lead you to accelerate your competence field you are passionate about through various projects we assign to you.
  • • Widely Open. We invite you as the conversant freelance translators throughout the world to take a part on providing the whole language pairs needed around the globe.
  • • Competitive. We offer a competitive rate for our freelancers because we want to ensure your hard work is valued.
  • • Responsive. We provide prompt responses and thorough guidance to our freelancers, especially if you have any inquiries pertaining projects at hand.
  • • Supportive. We provide facilities related to language pairing, language problem-solving, and other needs dealing with various translation projects to assure that you meet no impediments in your translation progress.

We widely open our doors of all translation fields that you might be competent with.

Yet, you may be primarily prioritized if you meet our special fields stated as follows.

  • Education & Pedagogy
  • Internet, e-Commerce
  • Marketing/Market Research
  • Insurance
  • Games/Video Games
  • Computers: Software & Hardware
  • Linguistic
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Advertising/Public Relation
  • Law (general)
  • IT & Electronic

We think that we need to specify the translation fields to avoid immeasurable risk in achieving our quality standard which is applicable to each field. This is concerned solely to obtain our best result in the end hand of processes.

We are professional & experienced language service agency